"Hannon Home Solutions is a LIFE changer. Jess will whip your space into shape in no time. Her organizational skills and creative eye are unmatched and she will have you left wondering how you survived in life without her! Not only can she transform your space by de-cluttering and reorganizing she will have you cleansing and purging without even realizing (which as a hoarder of clothes and belongings from middle school is exactly what I need!)"

- Marissa | Quincy, MA

"My bedroom was in such bad state that I wasn't even sleeping at home.  The space was too stressful to even be in. 
Having Jess come in and do a total overhaul of my clothing, transformed my bedroom into a place that I now am able to relax in and enjoy."

- Emily | Brookline, MA

"At 8 months pregnant, finishing the baby's nursery should’ve been the only to-do on our list, but 'mom and dad’s' spaces needed a major overhaul themselves. How could we focus on baby when we couldn’t even find our own clothes? Hannon Home Solutions to the rescue! Jess arrived with a positive attitude and practical ideas to help overhaul the entire house. The chaotic closets were gutted and organized, a messy mud room was re-imagined to be functional, followed by a kitchen counter clutter clean-up. Our master bedroom had become a storage space, but was straightened up and made spotless- perfect for us to relax before and after the baby was born. Jess did not stop working until the house was in tip top shape. We couldn’t be more thankful for her hard work and attention to detail. She left us with an immaculately clean house and feeling confident starting this next chapter of our lives. We already have plans for her to come back and complete some projects in the basement."

- Tiffany | Garden City, NY

"Hannon Home Solutions is a life saver! Working with Jess is so easy and she just "gets it."  She is able to come into a cluttered a space, figure out what you're looking to accomplish with the space and help you get the work done. She can do amazing work in a fraction of the time it would take someone to do it in their own home. She's helped me pack for several moves and organize spaces after the move is over.  She has the patience for large, seemingly overwhelming projects and the persistence to make sure they get done!  HHS is worth every dollar.  Save yourself the time and aggravation and hire a pro!" 

- Brilene | Weymouth, MA

"This is SO SICK!"

- Michael | Garden City, NY